Operation Hlasela tendencies re-emerge in Tokologo

Issued by Hismajesty Maqhubu – DA Councillor Tokologo Local Municipality
20 May 2024 in Press Statements

Note to editors: Please find attached English and Sesotho soundbites by Cllr Hismajesty Maqhubu.

In an unprecedented move, the Mayor of Tokologo Local Municipality launched a multi-million rand Paved road and Stormwater project in Boshof. This revelation occurs 13 days before the country’s hotly contested National and Provincial elections.

It is worth noting that Tokologo is still under investigation by the SIU for the UIFW register and the High mast lights project which included electrification of the New Extension known as “Mamantelekile” in local jargon. This area falls under Ward 2 which has been governed by the Democratic Alliance since the 2021 Local Government Elections, but the DA councillor was side-lined for all intent and purpose on the launch of this project.

The Mayor came with an ANC councillor from the neighbouring Ward 6 to the launch which was paraded as an ANC event. They even wore ANC regalia to a government event blurring the lines between political party work and government work. This is the tendency that was reprimanded in the strongest terms by the Public Protector after the investigation of Operation Hlasela which was spearheaded by the embattled former ANC Premier of the Free State.

The new extension has suffered during the rainy season since 2012. Residents have to deal with flooded homes and damages to household goods after every rain. This community started receiving much-needed attention and disaster assistance only after the DA took over this ward from incapable councillors who did not care about the people. Since 2021, the DA has forced the delivery of 1,8 km of the stormwater channel to the area and we fought for the inclusion of paved roads on the IDP of the municipality. Today, the ANC is using the success of the DA to campaign for electioneering.

The most devastating aspect of these ANC stunts is that the mayor promised people jobs on the two projects that he was launching which we know will be reserved for cadres only and will not benefit locals in Ward 2 who deserve to work in those projects.

We have submitted written questions to the speaker requesting clarity regarding the exclusion of the Ward Councillor of Ward 2 on the affairs of his Ward and also call for disciplinary proceedings to be instituted against the Ward 6 councillor for his interference in the affairs of Ward 2 causing confusion and steering troubles against the DA councillor and the community that elected him to serve them until 2026.