Residents join DA to address Mangaung sewage crisis

Issued by Johan Pretorius – DA Councillor Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality
15 Apr 2024 in Press Statements

Note to editors: Please find attached English and Afrikaans soundbites by Cllr Johan Pretorius and Sesotho by Cllr David Masoeu.

The residents of Mangaung have demonstrated the power of collaboration and community engagement in addressing critical infrastructure challenges within their municipality. Through a joint effort with their dedicated ward councillor, Johan Pretorius, residents have successfully advocated for the commencement of a pipe-cracking project to repair the sewage line from Shellyvale to Woodlands.

For far too long, the residents of Shellyvale endured the consequences of a deteriorating sewage line, which posed health hazards and environmental concerns. The issue remained unresolved despite numerous complaints and appeals to the Mangaung Metro Municipality. It was only after the DA and concerned residents escalated the matter to the Human Rights Commission (HRC) that meaningful action was taken.

The initiation of the pipe cracking project in April 2024 marks a significant victory for the residents of Ward 48 in Mangaung. This milestone underscores the importance of community mobilisation and advocacy in holding local government accountable.

Through sustained pressure and united efforts, residents have demonstrated their commitment to improving their living conditions and protecting their environment. While the project’s commencement is a positive development, it is imperative to acknowledge that the ANC-led Municipality initially failed to address the sewage line issue adequately. It was only through DA intervention and collaboration with residents that the ANC government finally took action. This highlights the importance of effective representation and advocacy at the local level.

As the National and Provincial Elections approach on 29 May 2024, residents must consider which political party has a proven track record of delivering services and prioritising the needs of the people. The DA stands out as the only party in South Africa capable of bringing tangible improvements to the lives of citizens. Residents are urged to make their voices heard by casting their votes supporting the DA.