DA welcomes SIU investigation into Tokologo

Issued by Hismajesty Maqhubu – DA Councillor Tokologo Local Municipality
10 Apr 2024 in Press Statements

Note to editors: Please find attached English and Sesotho soundbites by Cllr Hismajesty Maqhubu.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Tokologo Local Municipality welcomes the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) investigation as per Proclamation 162 of 2024 by the President of the Republic of South Africa on 5 April 2024. The investigation comes as a consequence of allegations concerning financial losses of the municipality that can’t be recovered.

Civil proceedings emanating from the investigations will then follow. The project that is a subject of investigation is titled “Erection of 15 High Mast Lights” and took place sometime after 1 April 2015. The procurement of these goods or work on behalf of the municipality is suspected to not be cost-effective and fair. To a larger extent, it is also suspected to have contravened the Municipal Financial Management Act.

We are concerned about the extreme levels of maladministration taking place in Tokologo and the improper conduct by the employees of the municipality. Any unlawful expenditure of public funds is an invitation to a jail sentence and the SIU should recover all funds that have enriched certain individuals unduly so.

The DA has warned that the municipality was paying above average for all the projects undertaken. These include the erection of a single Tennis Court with a price tag of R2,3 million and a Bulk water pipeline that is 5 years behind schedule for completion which has cost over half a billion Rands so far and is still half complete.

The DA will work with and respond to any call made by law enforcement entities in discharging their duties of protecting the public purse and recovering any money that has been stolen by economic traitors of our communities. We further encourage all whistle-blowers to assist in this investigation and bring corrupt cadres of the ruling party to book.