DA by-election victory in Mangaung Ward 47

Issued by DA Media –
30 Nov 2023 in Press Statements

The Democratic Alliance (DA) proudly celebrates a resounding victory in the Mangaung Ward 47 by-elections, marking a significant increase in our vote share since 2021. The halving of ANC votes in the ward is a sign that people are rejecting corruption, unemployment, crime and poor services that are the trademark of that party.

This is one of the most diverse wards in the Free State and it makes sense that it belongs to the most diverse political party.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the newly-elected Ward Councillor Rudi Maartens.

The win in Ward 47, elevated the DA from a marginal victory of 44.2% to a majority of 50.03%, which underscores the support garnered by the DA.

Councillor Rudi Maartens exemplifies our core values and unwavering dedication to community service. Our sincere appreciation goes to the DA campaign team and voters who rallied behind the DA during this pivotal by-election. This victory is a stepping stone, fortifying our momentum for the forthcoming 2024 general election.

We continue our commitment to effective governance and will intensify community outreach programmes, focusing on addressing specific concerns raised during the by-election. We will also initiate dialogues to ensure ongoing collaboration with residents for an improved Mangaung Ward 47.

As the only party capable of rescuing the Free State and South Africa, we urge all DA supporters to register for 2024 and solidify their commitment to a better future.