Mayor’s transport ends up costing MaP residents millions

Issued by Alison Oates – DA Councillor Maluti-a-Phofung Local Municipality
24 Nov 2022 in Press Statements

The Maluti-a-Phofung Local Municipality Mayor, Gilbert Mokotso, was entitled by law to purchase a vehicle of up to R 700 000 in November 2022. For unclear reasons it was decided that the Mayor should have a BMW X5 which costs much more. While waiting for a suitable second-hand BMW to become available, approximately R700k was spent hiring a vehicle for the Mayor, it also sustained R94k accident damage.

Eventually, in February 2022 a second-hand BMW X5 with 105 000km was purchased irregularly for R670k. The council appointed a Section 32 Committee to investigate the irregular process. The investigation of alleged corruption concerned; buying the vehicle using middlemen at an R30k premium, hiring a vehicle above the allowed specifications, signing documentation at inflated prices and why a second-hand, high-mileage vehicle was purchased.

The report was ready in March, but the Speaker only tabled the report in August. The report recommended that ‘implicated individuals’ should be invited, as per legal processes, to respond within 7 days. The Speaker and Municipal Manager have yet to allow this to occur.

The delay in the investigation has caused the Mayor to hire another vehicle at a major expense to the community. The hired vehicle has also been damaged in a single-person accident.

The mayor of MaP, by his actions, shows total disregard for legal processes, addressing possible corruption or financial prudence. He sets a frightful example to councillors and municipal officials alike.

The DA will insist that the Section 32 report be tabled in the Council is acted upon. And ask for an investigation into the current hiring of a vehicle above what the Mayor is entitled.