DA demands immediate restoration of service delivery in MMM

Issued by Johan Pretorius – Leader of the DA Mangaung Caucus
30 Nov 2022 in Press Statements

The DA in Mangaung Metropolitan Municipality staged a picket to demand action steps from the Executive and Administration in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, Chapter 7 section 152 (1) Objects of local government: provide an accountable government, ensure the provision of services, promote development and encourage involvement from communities.

In a letter to the municipality, we demand that:

  • The Executive Mayor must table the adjustment budget to ensure that there are funds for service delivery until the end of June 2023.
  • The Executive Mayor must instruct the Acting City Manager to immediately start the process to appoint the ombudsman after numerous Council resolutions.
  • It is crucial to re-appoint the contractors that can assist with drain blockages, stormwater inlets & repairs, water leaks, pothole repairs & refuse removal.
  • The Executive Mayor must table a short list of candidates for a city manager with their CVs in the next Council meeting and Council needs to appoint the best candidate.
  • Centlec has to either appoint contractors or buy resources to prune the trees in all the areas with power cables above ground reducing an estimated 70% of power outages during bad weather.
  • Traffic and law enforcement officers need to be visible on the ground and enforce the by-laws. The lawlessness must stop and the safety of our residents has to be priority number one.
  • Government departments’ debt must be recovered immediately or the departments must be cut-off.
  • The administration must ensure that the Bloemwater account is paid up to date and that the Maselspoort water works must be in working order.

The only way we can go forward and turn this Metro around is when the Administration and Executive implement these crucial points. This is the time to show true leadership and embrace the advice of the official opposition.

The residents of Mangaung are suffering because of political instability, it is time for the ANC to let this hunger for power and money be set aside and work with the DA to help the people of this Metro live their lives in dignity and safety.

Johan Pretorius

Leader of the DA Mangaung Caucus

072 226 0222