DA condemns violence in Maluti-a-Phofung

Issued by Leona Kleynhans MPL – Member of the Official Opposition in the Free State Legislature
27 May 2021 in Press Statements

Note to Editors: Please find the attached soundbites English and Afrikaans by Leona Kleynhans MPL, Member of the Official Opposition in the Free State Legislature.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) condemns the violence which erupted in the Maluti-a-Phofung (MaP) municipality this week. One truck driver has been killed, hangers and gliders destroyed when the local airfield was attacked, numerous vehicles damaged, and the population terrorised by apparent service delivery protests. The National N3 and N5 roads have also been targeted and have had to be closed on several occasions. Qwa-Qwa where residents have been without electricity for weeks, has been under siege by thugs blocking the entrance, or demanding payment from people to pass.

We applaud the SAPS, including the Public Order Policing Unit, which has displayed utmost restraint in maintaining some form of order, and keeping the residents safe.

Our utter contempt is reserved for the so-called leaders who have manipulated the desperate residents, especially the completely frustrated youth, and led them into this futile exercise in violence and rage. It is clear that this action is co-ordinated, where multiple outbursts have occurred in various areas at the same time. It is further clear that the protest is being funded by ruthless people with a political agenda. These ‘leaders’ deserve nothing but to be put into jail for terrorism and co-ordinating an insurrection.

The ANC-run municipality has collapsed entirely, there is no leadership whatsoever, and residents have been driven to desperation by a complete lack of service delivery. While giggling in council and stuffing their pockets, these ‘leaders’ should equally have known that they were creating a perfect storm of frustration and lawlessness. Currently, the ANC leadership is silent and apparently in hiding from the people they have failed. These are not leaders. They must be voted out.

The DA pleads with residents to not be manipulated by fake revolutionaries. Do not allow yourselves to be used as pawns in the power games of failed leaders. All the burning, violence, and now killing, will not change anything at all. It has never brought the change you seek and deserve. Rather use the power which is in your hands to elect true leaders, who will govern properly, and ensure a better life for you and your families.

The meaning of the democracy which you embraced, is that you can punish failed leaders by voting them out of power. That is the real change you need.

The DA has proved that, where the people elect us, we can govern well, we can deliver services, we can bring investment and jobs, and we can use the money for the people. We know what needs to be done to fix MaP, please help us to help you.