Matjhabeng Indoor Sports Centre turned into a health hazard

Issued by Luttiga Presente – DA Councillor Matjhabeng Local Municipality
25 May 2023 in Press Statements

The Democratic Alliance (DA) uncovered a distressing revelation during an oversight visit to the Indoor Sports Centre in Ward 15, Thabong, Matjhabeng Local Municipality. The severe deterioration of municipal infrastructure in the vicinity has led to stormwater drains being repurposed as channels for sewage, posing a grave threat to public health. Please see pictures here, here, here and here.

Shockingly, raw sewage is now openly flowing next to residential areas where children play, as well as along public roads used by residents for transportation. The stormwater channels, overrun with reeds, have also become havens for criminal activity. This dire situation has created an enormous health hazard, endangering the well-being of children who unknowingly play in contaminated environments.

The once-thriving business hub of Constantia Road has suffered a devastating decline, resulting in closed businesses and a ghost town atmosphere. Ongoing sewage spills in the road, combined with deteriorating tar surfaces, have transformed it into a hazardous stretch for motorists.

This oversight only serves to highlight the complete absence of a plan or genuine commitment from the Matjhabeng ANC government to uplift Thabong and neighbouring communities. It is evident that their disregard for the Batho Pele principles, which are meant to ensure residents receive the services they deserve, is hindering progress and perpetuating a cycle of neglect.

The DA will highlight the impact in the upcoming council meeting and table solutions to the crisis. We urgently call upon all residents to register to vote and actively participate in the 2024 elections. It is crucial that we unite to set our remarkable country on a path of recovery, where the well-being and future of our communities are prioritised once again.